All Workout Enthusiasts

With the growth of social media and focus on fitness, there are millions of you out there that have a great ab routine or even fitness routine.  8 Minute Workouts is changing with the times.  We want you…the fitness enthusiast to submit your 8 minute ab routine….  Over time, together, we will build the new 8 Minute Workouts World!  

While most of us workout more than 8 minutes… it’s usually because we do multiple sets or exercises…but in small increments…

8 Minute Workouts is a destination for exercise enthusiasts at all fitness levels.  We provide a place for fitness content providers.  Some will participate to get their name known.  Others will use it as the only place to get their workouts.  Fitness content providers will come and go from this website for a variety of reasons…many thinking they don’t want to be shown with competition.

So…the challenge is out to you.  What can you do in 8 minutes?